Yoga & Pilates



$60 - $75.00
Learn the basics of Yoga, release bodily tensions and rejuvenate the mind. The yoga style being practiced will be Yin and Hatha.

With Rebecca Croden
Beginning March 20, Tuesdays at 6:00-7:00pm   $60.00
Wednesdays  March 14 at 6:00-7:30pm   $75.00

Drop Ins are welcome on first come first serve basis $20


Great for a couples getaway, friends and family up to 6 people max in the studio and 50 people on site.  Yoga session great to be paired up with Glow within facials or massages for two. Inquire within for more information and details.


Within Spa offers Yoga classes and Wellness Workshops in Bracebridge and the Muskoka area! Suitable for beginners to intermediate/advanced practitioners. Click the button below to view schedules and book a class on our Mind Body app!

Yoga is available for the workplace and corporate events. Within Spa takes the stress out of your day by coming to you!

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10:00 am

Yin Yoga class lead by Rebecca, will leave you feeling balance and rejuvenated. We will hold each pose for 3-5 minutes, releasing built up emotions that get stored in the muscles. Yin Yoga is a fairly new style of yoga popularized by Paul Grilley and is based on meridian lines as practiced in Chinese Medicine. When we hold a pose for an extended period of time it loosens the fascia around the muscles, which help to open up the channels of a particular meridian or Nadi.


This 45 minute yoga class will stoke the inner fire as we use the breath and movement to detoxify the body! Rebecca will guide you through a combination of Pranayama and Vinyasa leaving you feeling energized and ready to face the rest of the day head on!


This 30 minute lunch break class combines Pilates with cardio and strength training. Each class delivers a full body workout to increase endurance, strengthen muscles and burn fat. No workout is the same, so expect to be pushed hard and never reach a plateau.


The chakra system comes from an ancient tradition of Yoga and is used in western society as a healing form of medicine. In this workshop we will learn the fundamental basics of Chakras.

What are they? How do they work? Why are they important? And how can we tap into their healing nature? We will start to discover their connection and relationship to our physical and mental state of being, and how we can use the chakra system to ultimately find peace and balance within ourselves. Our yoga practice will focus on specific areas of the body which will aim to open and balance our chakras.

*Pre-registration is required (6-person max.)